E2500 Heavy Duty Spreader

  • Heavy duty 7-gauge bottom panel and 10-gauge body and longsills. Unpainted 304 stainless steel units are made of 12-gauge body,
    stakes and sills with 10-gauge conveyor bottom panel.
  • 24″ wide conveyor chain with 1/4 x 1-1/2″ crossbars for spreading deicing materials. The conveyor is driven with a 50:1 gear reduction
    drive with a hi-torque/low-speed hydraulic motor.
  • Heavy-duty spinner hopper broadcasts material up to 40′ with a hydraulic drive, 20″ disc and six bolt-on spinner fins.

The Hi-Way E2500 incorporates heavy-duty construction and a spinner hopper that accommodates spreading, dumping and storage.