Meyer 350S and 750S Blaster Spreader

  • Available in 350 lb. and 750 lb. capacities
  • Variable speed controller for precise material spread pattern
  • Spread patterns up to 40 feet
  • Mounting systems available to fit SUV’s, light truck and 1/2 ton+ vehicles

Meyer 350S and 750S Blaster Spreader features a 1/2 hp direct drive motor that gives you the auger power when and where you need it. The Blaster motor and controller deliver a continuous 40 amperes during normal operation and surges to 70 amperest when the “blast” feature is pressed to grind through rock salt, calcium chloride and other ice melting materials. The low maintenance polyethylene hopper and 304 stainless steel spinner are built to provide years of service. The vibrator kit (standard on 350S and 750S) allows for spreading a 50/50 blend of rock salt and sand or sand only. ROC 3/5 year warranty is available.